Meet our Team In Munising, Michigan

Meet our Team In Munising, Michigan

Ashley Tremblay Studio Director + Teacher

Ashley Tremblay, Director of Studio Dance Arts and Marquette Gymnastics and Cheer, is a highly accomplished dancer and dance instructor with a strong passion for the art form. Born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, Ashley has dedicated her life to honing her skills and mastering various dance disciplines. Having trained extensively in Ontario, Ashley has successfully completed all levels of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) certification, solidifying her technical foundation and expertise. She stands proudly as a testament to the rigorous training and discipline demanded by the RAD program. 
Beyond her local training, Ashley has ventured onto the international stage, competing in dance competitions across the globe. Her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication have earned her recognition and respect from peers and industry professionals alike. Furthermore, Ashley holds the distinguished honor of being accepted into both the Quinta and Interlochen Fine Arts Programs. These prestigious institutions have provided her with invaluable experiences, exposing her to diverse artistic perspectives and strengthening her artistic versatility. 
With an impressive teaching career spanning 22 years, Ashley has nurtured the next generation of dancers across all disciplines. Her students benefit from her wealth of knowledge, guidance, and genuine passion for dance. Along with her background in dance Ashley also hold the following certifications: USAG certified, CPR, First Aid, AED, head concussion, and is also a Safe Sport certified instructor, she ensures the safety and well-being of her students, prioritizing their growth and development in a nurturing environment. 
In addition to her teaching endeavors, Ashley has established and successfully managed a dance studio for the past decade. As well as expanding in offering gymnastics to the community thru Marquette Gymnastics and Cheer. And most recently expanded to offering Dance and Gymnastics in Munising. This venture has allowed her to create a welcoming space for dancers and Gymnasts of all backgrounds to thrive and explore their potential. Under her leadership, the studios and gym has become a hub for artistic expression and a driving force within the local dance and gymnastics community. 
Ashley continues to make significant contributions to the world of dance and gymnastics, inspiring countless individuals with her remarkable talent, unwavering dedication, and infectious enthusiasm. Her journey as a dancer, instructor, studio and gym director exemplifies the transformative power of dance and gymnastics. And serves as an inspiration to aspiring dancers and gymnasts worldwide.


Elsa Leopold Preschool + Recreational Coordinator, Xcel Team Coach

Elsa has been coaching gymnastics for 5+ years. She has coached preschool, recreational, boys, Special Olympics, and competitive levels. Being USAG and SafeSport certified, Elsa’s coaching philosophy involves teaching safe and fun gymnastics. She pushes her students to be the best they can be in both the gym and their lives. Elsa has also gone through training to be a beginner aerial silks instructor. Born and raised in Minnesota, Elsa competed in Junior Olympic gymnastics up to level 8 and for her high school’s varsity gymnastics team for a total of 10 years of competing in the sport. She has many accomplishments, including a two time state champion in uneven bars and a two time MSHSL state meet qualifier. Now teaching at MGC, Elsa continues to further her education in the sport as well as sharing her knowledge with her students.


Maya Reyst Recreational, Preschool + Team Coach, Xcel Team Coordinator

Maya has been a gymnastics coach for 8 years, with experience coaching USAG competitive levels 1-8, recreational, preschool, and ninja classes. She is CPR, first aid, AED, concussion and SafeSport certified. She also holds all USA Gymnastics competitive coach certifications, along with an additional youth mental health certification. Maya is the Safety Champion for Marquette Gymnastics & Cheer, she is responsible for assuring the gym and all athletes and coaches are following safety guidelines. She did competitive gymnastics growing up, traveling anywhere from Chicago, to Las Vegas for competitions, along with varsity diving in high school. She has placed in 4 State Championships in gymnastics, and 3 State and Regional championships in diving. Furthermore, she is currently studying at Northern Michigan University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in English in 2024. Maya believes that coaches are lifelong learners. Her philosophy is driven by a commitment to continuous education and self-improvement. She believes in nurturing athletes as individuals, aiming to build their physical skills, mental strength, and personal character. Safety is Maya's non-negotiable foundation, ensuring proper technique, equipment maintenance, and injury prevention. Maya coaches through positive reinforcement, uplifting and empowering her gymnasts with constructive feedback and praise. She encourages teamwork and respect, promoting a supportive, inclusive team environment. Maya's overarching philosophy is to instill a deep love and passion for gymnastics in each athlete, ensuring they become not only skilled gymnasts but also confident, disciplined, and resilient individuals.


Karianna Virta Preschool + Recreational Coach

Karianna is a junior at Munising High School, and a current Xcel gold competitive gymnast on our team. She has been doing gymnastics since she was 4 years old, competing levels 1-6, and now gold, traveling across the Midwest for gymnastics. Karianna has also attended the University of Michigan Gymnastics Camp. Karianna hopes to attend Northern Michigan University, and become a surgical technician. Karianna's goal as a coach is to share her love of gymnastics with others and continue to expand her knowledge of gymnastics coaching techniques.


Rebecca Cain Administration

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Nancy Aelick Virtual Administration

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