Recreational Programs at Marquette Gymnastics & Cheer

Recreational Programs at Marquette Gymnastics & Cheer

2023-2024 Full Season

Our full season is a program that runs for a TOTAL 35 WEEKS.

  • Full Season: September 5, 2023 - June 1, 2024 (35 weeks)
  • Show Case Date: TBA


RECREATIONAL Program (18 months - 3 yrs)

Focus on social skills, gross and fine motor skills, and bravery. This is a great way to bond and enjoy milestones with your little one. An adult will be required to participate with each child.

  • PARENT & TOT - SATURDAY  9:45am-10:30am
  • Tuition - $70 monthly installment


RECREATIONAL Program (3-5 yrs)

This class is a perfect introduction to the gymnastics world for children ages four to five. Kids will learn gross and fine motor skills, including safe landings, getting comfortable upside down, and building overall strength.

  • PRE-K (3-4yrs) - SATURDAY  1:30-2:15pm
  • PRE-K (4-5yrs) A - TUESDAY  4:10-4:55pm
  • PRE-K (4-5yrs) B - SATURDAY  11:30-12:15pm
  • Tuition - $70 monthly installment


RECREATIONAL Program (3-5 yrs)

This class is by invite only, intended for preschool age gymnasts who have shown they are ready for more rigorous training. This class focuses on building the proper shape and strength for potential future team gymnasts.

  • PRESCHOOL ADVANCED - SATURDAY  10:30am-11:25am
  • Tuition - $80 monthly installment


RECREATIONAL Program (6-10 yrs)

Beginner gymnastics will introduce school-age children to the basics and fundamentals of gymnastics. They will gain confidence in themselves, learn to work as a group, and develop listening skills.

  • BEGINNER (6-7yrs) B - WEDNESDAY  4:10-5:05pm
  • BEGINNER (6-7yrs) C - FRIDAY  5:30-6:25pm
  • BEGINNER (6-7yrs) - SATURDAY  12:30-1:25pm
  • BEGINNER (8-10yrs) A - WEDNESDAY  5:10-6:05pm
  • BEGINNER (8-10yrs) B - WEDNESDAY  6:10-7:05pm
  • Tuition - $80 monthly installment


RECREATIONAL Program (6+ yrs)

Intermediate gymnastics is the secondary level of school-age gymnastics. Gymnasts must pass an evaluation to be placed into this class. In this class, gymnasts will continue to learn skills equivalent to levels 2 and 3 in USA Gymnastics. They will gain strength, confidence, determination, and teamwork skills.

  • INTERMEDIATE (6-7yrs) - MONDAY  4:30-6:00pm
  • INTERMEDIATE (8yrs+) A - WEDNESDAY  7:10-8:40pm
  • INTERMEDIATE (8yrs+) B - FRIDAY  6:00-7:30pm
  • Tuition - $105 monthly installment


RECREATIONAL Program (6+ yrs)

Pre-Team is a tryout based, 90 minute class/week in addition to a recreational gymnastics class, which will focus on building a solid foundation of basic skills and the mentality required of a competitive gymnast. Gymnasts will be divided into levels A, B, C, or D. A being the basic level, D being the more advanced. All gymnasts will learn a simplevault, bars, beam, and floor routine throughout the sessions and present it multiple fun meets throughout the session. The program is perfect for children who have found a love for gymnastics and wish to expand their skills in hopes of making it competitive one day. Strength and flexibility is a crucial part of this program.

  • PRE-TEAM - FRIDAY  4:30-6:00pm
  • Tuition - $175 monthly installment



This class is a great fit for anyone looking to improve all acrobatic skills.

  • ACRO A - TUESDAY  6:30-7:30pm
  • ACRO B - FRIDAY  7:30-8:30pm
  • Tuition - $80 monthly installment


RECREATIONAL Program (11+ yrs)

Focus on sideline cheering, tumbling, and stunting.

  • Ages: 11yrs+
  • Tuition - $105 monthly installment


RECREATIONAL Program (5+ yrs)

This is the perfect class for boys ages 5 and up to learn basic to intermediate tumbling, and get their energy out! They will play games, learn the importance of safety when flipping and landing, and have tons of fun!
  • BOYS TUMBLING (5yrs+)
  • 6 Week Session
  • Cost - $120 (total for all 6 weeks)