Competitive Team Program at Marquette Gymnastics & Cheer

Competitive Team Program at Marquette Gymnastics & Cheer


USAG Xcel Gymnastics Team

Xcel team is a version of women's artistic USA Gymnastics and requires a year-long commitment. Here gymnasts will practice 2-3x per week (2 hours per day) as a team learning routines on each event and training as a competitive gymnast. Gymnasts will compete in 3-4 competitions throughout the year. Strength and flexibility are a crucial part of this program.

  • Highly trained and USAG-certified coaches.
  • Xcel levels bronze-platinum.
  • Gymnasts travel to Lower Michigan & Wisconsin to attend USAG-sanctioned competitions.

2024-2025 FULL SEASON

Our full Gymnastics season is a program that runs for a TOTAL 35 WEEKS.

  • September 5, 2024 - June 5, 2025 (35 weeks)
  • Show Case Date -TBA

2024-2025 Important Dates

  • September 1 DUE: 1st tuition installment
  • September 5 Classes commence
  • October 1 DUE: 2nd tuition installment
  • October 15 DUE: COMPETITIVE Costume Fees
  • October 31 CLOSED Halloween
  • November 1 DUE: 3rd tuition installment
  • November 15 DUE: RECREATIONAL Recital Costume Fees
  • November 26-30 CLOSED Thanksgiving
  • December 1 DUE: 4th tuition installment
  • December 23-January 4 CLOSED Christmas/New Year’s break
  • January 1 DUE: 5th tuition installment
  • February 1 DUE: 6th tuition installment
  • March 1 DUE: 7th tuition installment
  • March 25-March 31 CLOSED Spring break**
  • April 1 DUE: 8th tuition installment
  • May 1st DUE: 9th tuition installment
  • May 26 CLOSED Memorial Day Monday
  • June 1 DUE: 10th tuition installment (FINAL) & any previous unpaid balance
  • June 5 Last day of classes

Class Dress Code - Competitive Gymnastics

  • Bare feet (NO shoes).
  • Gymnastics style leotard (compressions or tight fitting shorts ok too).
  • NO skirts, pants (that go past ankle), jewelry, extra bows, dangly parts.
  • Hair pulled back off the face & nails must be kept short for safety.

Where You Can Purchase

Here are some options of where you can purchase:

  1. For RECREATIONAL GYMNASTICS Leotards - You can purchase anywhere * Our in-house STORE will eventually have these as well.
  2. For COMPETITIVE GYMNASTICS - We will be special ordering Team Leotards for you.

Payments & Schedules

  • Administrative Fee DUE upon registration (non-refundable) to secure your spot.
  • Tuition - Total season fee is divided into 10 EQUAL installments on Sep 1, Oct 1, Nov 1, Dec 1, Jan 1, Feb 1, Mar 1, Apr 1, May 1, Jun 1.
    * EQUAL averaged installments (and NOT based on the number of weeks in each month).
  • AUTO-PAY via credit card is the ONLY accepted method of payment.


Interested in joining our Traveling Competitive Teams? Sign up for Try Outs!

2024-2025 Team Try Outs

  • Date: Saturday, April 27, 2024
  • Times: 4:00pm
  • Minimum age: 5yrs (as of Try Out day)
  • Attire: Leotard, hair off the face, bare legs and feet