Cheer North Academy 612 Queen St. East, Sault Ste. Marie, On, P6A 2A4


At Studio Dance Arts main office - 612 Queen Street East

Classes starts week of SEPTEMBER 10, 2018!

Cheer North Academy (CNA) provides a cheerleading opportunity for elite and beginner level athletes. We are dedicated to bringing athletes a unique experience that gives them a platform to grow physically, mentally and emotionally, while being active members in thier community.

Athletes who are members of the CNA family not only build friendships, but also learn respect for themselves and their team-mates. Through support, we will lead athletes of all ages and skill levels to cheer competitions and to their cheerleading goals. As a team, we strvie to become a part of local and global causes, while maintaining and developing skills. You can email us at:

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