About Our Schools

Studio Dance Arts was founded in 2003. With a diverse and highly qualified faculty of teachers and choreographers, the school’s emphasis is on dance technique and performance skills. We also emphasize valuable and important life skills, such as: discipline, dedication, perseverance, respect and team work. Dance training is life training. Let your dance dreams begin at Studio Dance Arts!

Sault Ste. Marie Faculty Members

Richard Kim - Founder/Executive Director

Tania Castellani-Greco - Assistant Director & Teacher

Sherry Walsh - Teacher

Pam Robins - Teacher

Vanessa Lajambe - Teacher

Lan Gao - Teacher

Jen Avery-Hutton - Teacher

Ashley Juby - Teacher

Nancy Aelick - Administration

Elliot Lake Faculty Members

Christine Brunet - Studio Director & Teacher

Christina Ucci - Teacher

Kelsey Patry - Teacher

Catherine Gear - Teacher

Sheila Ucci - Administration

Karen Ribout - Administration

Marquette Faculty Members

Ashley Tremblay - Studio Director & Teacher

Svitlana Goss - Teacher

Kaiti Dickenshied - Teacher